We tried all of the products from Kim Kardashian’s new skincare line, SKKN BY KIM

We tried all of the products from Kim Kardashian’s new skincare line, SKKN BY KIM

Photo credit: SKKN by Kim

Photo credit: SKKN by Kim

Kim Kardashian has dabbled in pretty much every pillar of beauty and fashion (SKIMS and KKW Beauty, we’re looking at you). It’s no wonder, then, that she’s finally put her own spin on skincare. The mogul announced her eponymous skincare brand, SKKN BY KIM, in early June — and the long-awaited line is finally here.

With the product collection, Kardashian gives fans a direct indication of how she cares for her skin. Your not-so-simple secret? A nine-step routine she developed with the help of experts like celebrity esthetician Joanna Czech (Kardashian’s favorite skincare guru for almost a decade).

Photo credit: Skkn by Kim

Photo credit: Skkn by Kim

The two put their brains together to come up with a routine that mimics a Czech that has been developed for Kardashian over the years. Kardashian has been vocal about her battle with psoriasis, which she credits as fueling her fascination with skincare, and claims her line is ideal for all skin types, tones, and most conditions. While there’s a lot of fuss around the line, we need to try out the entire routine before the big start — and give it some thought.

What products does SKKN BY KIM consist of?

The 9-step routine is pretty round: it consists of cleanser, toner, peeling, hyaluronic acid serum, vitamin C8 serum, face cream, eye cream, oil drops and night oil. But what might strike you first about the line is the minimalist, architectural packaging (which is also refillable). Kanye West is behind the sleek design shapes and fonts, which is evident when looking at the lineup.

I had the opportunity to get a facial from Czech himself using only SKKN BY KIM products. And while my skin looked spectacular after the treatment, I couldn’t help but think a lot of the end result had to do with Czech’s magical hands and high-tech tools.

So I decided to test the line alone for a week. Here I share my full review of each product, detailing which products I think are worth investing in — for reasons other than the counter-worthy packaging.

Are the products worth it?

cleaning supplies ($43): This lightly foaming cleanser effortlessly removes make-up and dirt thanks to moisturizing glycerin – without damaging the skin. I love the creamy cleanser as a second cleanse or as a gentle morning cleanse. But if you are looking for one deep clean, that won’t cut it.

Scrub ($55): I’ve had my fair share of exfoliating faux pas, so this super gentle one felt fantastic on my skin without being too harsh. Czech recommends mixing the cleanser and scrub for a lighter scrub.

Toner ($45): This toner is packed with AHAs and fruit enzymes that continue the peeling theme and leave a beautiful shine. The texture feels like water and leaves the skin feeling refreshed. If physical exfoliation is too harsh for you, this toner works wonders.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($90): If you are sensitive to fragrances, this serum is not for you. In addition to hyaluronic acid with multiple molecular weights, this serum contains a rose essence that imparts a strong floral scent. However, I love that it contains a few different sized HA molecules (tl;dr: lighter weight molecules hydrate deep under the skin, while heavier weight molecules hydrate closer to the surface). The silky texture is immediately absorbed by the skin. However, I think you can find great hyaluronic acid serums at lower prices.

Vitamin C8 Serum ($90): I applied it in the morning and it made my complexion super radiant. It felt more watery than other vitamin C serums and felt tingly on my skin, but not to the point where it was uncomfortable.

Face Cream ($85): During my facial with Czech, she told me it was her and Kardashian’s favorite product. The moisturizer has an airy yet hydrating texture made with squalane, shea butter and a retinol alternative. I use retinol a few times a week and when I use it with the cream I haven’t had any irritation (a win in my book).

Eye Cream ($75): I’m picky about eye creams; In my experience, they either don’t go well under makeup or just sit on my skin. The cream (dosed with peptides) melted into my skin and worked perfectly under the concealer. I usually reach for lightening eye creams, but I like these for the night or days when dark circles aren’t a problem.

Oil Drops ($95): This oil contains vitamin C, which leaves a beautiful shine, as well as squalane to moisturize. With this oil, a little goes a long way, but I like it for times when I need a boost of hydration and radiance (well—always).

Night Oil ($95): For me, a night oil feels super luxurious. I applied this formula, which is packed with 14 oils — from sweet almond to argan oil — to my face, neck, and chest, and it helped lock in the face cream’s moisture. The formula also felt light so I didn’t feel greasy when I went to bed.

SKKN BY KIM is now available online at skknbykim.com.

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