This comfortable John Lewis bra is back in stock

This comfortable John Lewis bra is back in stock

John Lewis Bra

This comfortable John Lewis bra is finally back in stock. (John Lewis & Associates)

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If there’s one good thing to come out of the pandemic and all the hours at home, it’s the bra-less movement.

Because not being seen in public meant millions of women around the world could enjoy the freedom to either swap their uncomfortable bras for a sports version — or ditch one altogether.

Many of us breathed a sigh of relief at not having those uncomfortable underwires and straps that dig into our skin (or slip off our shoulders).

So the rise of the “comfort bra,” which offers support without digging in, is not surprising. The perfect example of this is John Lewis’ Anya Padded Seam Free Bra, which proved so incredibly popular that it sold out.

But it’s in stock now, so we suggest grabbing it before it disappears again.

Why we rate it:

For starters, the Anya Padded Seam Free Bra is made from soft, stretchy polyamide and elastane, it’s soft and non-wired, giving you a nice, smooth shape under clothing.

How does it support you? It had a wide, ribbed underband for support and support. Even better, the wide, soft straps don’t dig into your shoulders. Big breasts can rejoice – no more painful welts!

Because the bra slides over your head, you don’t have to worry about cutting or adjusting the straps either. Just pull it up and you’re done.

It is also now available in seven colours: black, white, almond, dark mink, grey, rhodonite and veil pink.

And not only is it perfect as an everyday bra, it can also be worn to your yoga or Pilates class. Exactly the kind of multitasker we need in our lives.

John Lewis Bra

The comfortably padded bra is available in seven colours. (John Lewis & Associates)

What the reviews say:

With mostly four and five star reviews, this comfortable John Lewis bra has proven to be a revelation to thousands of women – which is why many of them buy more than one in different colors. And yes, even women with large breasts find it supportive enough.

  • “I bought one of each color and I find them comfortable to wear. The cups don’t dig in and give you some shape rather than flattening you out.”

  • I really love this bra so I bought a second one. I’m big breasted and surprised at how much support it gives me. It’s really comfortable to wear and very easy to put on, especially when I had my arm in a cast and couldn’t close a bra hook!”

  • “I bought this because I read a magazine recommendation and I have to agree. Comfortable to wear, no digging straps and no problem with a back strap to fasten it either. The material is soft against the skin and easy to put on. I can only recommend this for comfort and fit.”

  • “I bought 3 of these bras because I needed something to pull over my head due to arthritis. They are so good I immediately bought 3 more. Comfortable to wear and good support.”

  • “A complete game changer.”

Buy it: Anya Padded Seam Free Bra | £18 from John Lewis & Associates

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