I didn’t know that my mother had been sexually abused

I didn’t know that my mother had been sexually abused

Andy Murray: I didn't know my mother was sexually abused

Andy Murray: I didn’t know my mother was sexually abused

Andy Murray said he was unaware of his mother’s sexual assault and revealed he was “angry and upset” when he heard about the incident.

Judy Murray revealed last month that she was indecently assaulted by a drunk manager at an event eight years ago.

The former tennis coach wrote in the Sunday Post how a man she was sitting next to pushed his hand down her pants and made her “sick.” [her] Stomach” and “disgusted”.

Speaking for the first time about his mother’s experience, Murray said his brother was already aware of the attack, but he was not.

“My mother texted me at the time to let me know there was an article coming out about it,” two-time Wimbledon champion Emma Barnett, 35, told Bloomberg.

“And yes, I was obviously really mad at her. I was pretty angry but I didn’t really know what to say either…obviously I texted my mum, I called her the next day to talk to her and make sure she was okay,” he said he.

The tennis player said it was “a familiar story for a lot of women,” adding, “This type of behavior should not be tolerated anywhere.”

“I feel with them that they are not competitive”

In the interview ahead of this year’s Wimbledon championships, the former world No. 1 also addressed the decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players from the games amid the war in Ukraine.

He said his sympathy goes “first of all… to the people of Ukraine and what they are going through”, although he said he “can understand” that the decision might seem unfair to some players who cannot compete.

“By and large it’s pretty irrelevant whether some tennis players can’t play at an event or not, and whether ranking points are offered is pretty irrelevant on the whole,” he said.

“Obviously I know and am friends with some of the Russian players and I feel for them that they can’t compete… I understand that might seem unfair to them, but I can also see the Wimbledon side and their point of view and the perspective that they have, and it’s very complex, but there’s a war going on in the end.”

Murray said earlier this week that he intends to play Wimbledon next week but that he faces a race against time to prove his fitness as his abdominal injury continues to hamper his preparations.

He picked up the injury just over a week ago in the final of the Stuttgart Open and was forced to resign from Queen last Monday.

Andy Murray hopes to recover from injury in time for Wimbledon - REUTERS

Andy Murray hopes to recover from injury in time for Wimbledon – REUTERS

In the interview with Emma Barnett, taped before his injury, Murray was asked, “Do you have to think you can win again?”

Murray responded that it’s “part of the motivation to still be competitive” but said he knew this was going to be “an incredibly difficult thing”.

He said he still thinks he has “great tennis in him [him]’, adding, ‘I still believe, and I still work and train as hard as I can to try to reach that goal.’

Murray also spoke about Blackpool footballer Jake Daniels’ decision to come out publicly as gay in May – becoming the first current male professional footballer in the UK – saying it was “really positive” and it shed a light on tennis.

In response to a question from Barnett, Murray replied, “I think so [it] was really positive that he was comfortable enough to come out and from what I’ve seen the media coverage has been mostly extremely positive.”

He added that there hasn’t been a male tennis player who came out as gay “while still playing,” but that a few “came out post-career.”

“So maybe we need to ask the question why is that and why are they still not comfortable coming out while they’re still active,” he said. “I would hope that it would be received positively by all the players and that was certainly the case on the female side.”

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