Free up space on your hard drive with System Mechanic and these simple tips

Free up space on your hard drive with System Mechanic and these simple tips

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Free up disk space

If your computer asks you to free up space on your hard drive, do the following. (Photo: Getty)

Raise your hand when prompted by your own computer to free up disk space (*raises hand*). Yes, it’s probably all happened to us – interrupting a download, getting stuck on a video call, or browsing the web regularly because the PC’s hard drive is full.

A program like System Mechanic can help improve PC performance by identifying and fixing the root causes of your computer problems – up to 30,000 of them, in fact. It scans your computer in real time and regularly deletes cookies. Of course, not all cookies are bad – some are used, for example, to keep your shopping cart updated or to remember passwords for frequently visited websites – so System Mechanic also allows you to allow all the cookies you don’t want to touch.

Plus, here are four totally viable ways to free up space on your computer so you can get back to work (and surfing, shopping, and streaming) as usual.

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Here’s how to get back to work as usual. (Photo: Getty)

Use the Disk Cleanup feature on Windows.

Windows has a built-in feature that allows you to free up disk space. it’s called Disk Cleanup. Just click the Start button and search for the name. Once you select this feature on your PC, you will be prompted to select Clean up system files. Then it will get to work selecting files and you can choose which ones you want to delete.

Uninstall programs and apps that you never use.

The more stuff you have in your system, the more clogged it gets — it’s as simple as that. Look through them in descending order, with the largest files at the top. The larger the file, the more space it occupies on your hard drive. Press the Windows key, search for Programs, and then select Programs and Features Control Panel. Browse each program and app individually, and if you never use it or have long forgotten, select the item and click Uninstall.

Free up disk space

Use System Mechanic and then follow these manual steps to clean up your computer. (Photo: Getty)

Remove temporary files.

Sometimes when you download an app or program, temporary files are installed on your PC. You can go straight into your storage settings and navigate to temporary files. You will be shown which temporary files must be kept and which can be discarded; The latter has a tick next to it. Options include recycle bin files, upgrade log files, and temporary internet files.

Back up large photos and videos to cloud and delete them.

Like programs and apps, media storage like photos and videos take up a lot of space on the local hard drive. You should first make sure (double and triple check) that your files are backed up via a cloud service or at least an external hard drive. Then go into your PC’s storage settings, select pictures and view images and delete anything clogging up the machine.

Don’t forget to empty the trash.

Even after you delete space-consuming files, they remain in your Recycle Bin until you remove the Recycle Bin. Free up disk space by selecting the files and then right-clicking or choosing Empty Trash to permanently delete them. Of course, before you do this, double-check the trash to make sure nothing has been accidentally discarded. It’s only when you empty the recycle bin that your hard drive shows the actual space left on your computer.

Try System Mechanic free for 30 days*

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