Could your flight be cancelled?  Check our timeline of summer strikes and disruptions

Could your flight be cancelled? Check our timeline of summer strikes and disruptions

Travel chaos holiday ruins Heathrow Gatwick - Frank Augstein/AP

Travel chaos holiday ruins Heathrow Gatwick – Frank Augstein/AP

Holidaymakers face a summer of flight chaos as British Airways becomes the latest airline to announce strikes during the peak travel season.

The British airline’s check-in and ground staff today voted to go on strike, with work stoppages planned for the start of the summer holidays.

This comes as Ryanair and easyJet staff across Europe prepare to go on strike through late June and early July along with other European airlines including Lufthansa, Air France and SAS over ongoing disputes over working conditions and pay.

In recent weeks, airports across the continent have been in chaos, regardless of strike action, as airlines and airports grapple with staff shortages in the wake of the pandemic. Thousands of flights from the UK have been canceled over this period, with easyJet being one of the hardest-hit airlines and Ryanair being one of the least affected.

And the disruption is expected to continue as Gatwick last week decided to cap its departures until July and August, a move that will result in thousands of easyJet flight cancellations over that period.

Elsewhere, Heathrow is recovering from a weekend of disrupted baggage handling after a “technical issue” saw hundreds of unclaimed bags piled up outside Terminal 2.

Below we outline the airline strikes, planned flight cancellations and capacity restrictions on departures from airports that have already been announced across the UK and across Europe.

23-25 June

Brussels Airlines is on strike

The Belgian airline is expected to be affected by three days of strikes. A total of 525 flights are planned during this period, but it is not known how many will be canceled as a result.

June 24th – July 2nd

Ryanair strike in Europe

Ryanair employees across Europe are said to be taking part in strikes over an ongoing dispute over wages and working conditions. Ryanair employees are scheduled to work in Belgium and Portugal on June 24-26, France on June 25-26, Italy on June 25 and Spain on June 24-26, June 30 and June 1 .to strike until July 2nd.

25th June

Italian strike action

Pilots and cabin crew from easyJet, MaltAir and CrewLink and Ryanair (see above) will drop out if they demand “acceptable contractual arrangements” and “salaries aligned with national minimum standards”.

Air France pilots’ strike

The Alter aviation union called on the pilots of Air France and its low-cost division Transavia to retire on Saturday. However, only 10 per cent of pilots are union members and Air France has said it does not expect services to be affected.

June 29th

SAS pilots strike

Pilots from Norway, Sweden and Denmark working for Scandinavian airline SAS could stage a coordinated strike on June 29. Depending on how the negotiations go, the strike could take place as early as June 24th.

July 1–June 31 August

Gatwick flights limited

Gatwick Airport has limited departures during the peak summer season to 825 daily flights in July and 850 in August. This could result in the cancellation of up to 10,000 flights this summer, with easyJet likely to be the airline hardest hit. A spokesman for the airline said: “In response to these caps and to build additional resilience, easyJet is proactively consolidating a number of flights through affected airports.”

1st-3rd July

EasyJet cabin crew strike in Spain

Spanish workers at Britain’s biggest airline are locked in a pay impasse with their employer, which could lead to a spate of strikes by July. This comes after easyJet has already canceled thousands of flights this summer due to staff shortages at Gatwick (see above).

1st – 30th July

Lufthansa cancellations

German carrier Lufthansa will cancel up to 1,000 flights on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through July, accounting for around 5 percent of the airline’s total weekend services. The move is intended to avoid further disruption due to the ongoing staff shortage.

15-17 July

EasyJet cabin crew strike in Spain

The second proposed dates for a cabin crew strike in Spain.

29-31 July

EasyJet cabin crew strike in Spain

The third proposed dates for a cabin crew strike in Spain.

late July-August

British Airways is on strike at Heathrow

Hundreds of BA check-in and ground staff at Britain’s largest airport have voted to strike during the peak summer holiday season in an ongoing dispute over pay. If the strikes take place, BA (which operates from Terminals 3 and 5) has said it will cover staffing shortages, but passengers will continue to face possible disruption and cancellations, particularly from Terminal 5.

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