Best loungewear for women

Best loungewear for women

    (Cos | Adanola)

(Cos | Adanola)

One of the very few silver linings to emerge from the pandemic years is our love of loungewear.

We wholeheartedly embraced the move to casualwear as we ditched form-fitting garments and introduced our comfy bras, super-soft lingerie, and tops and bottoms that were equal parts loose-fitting and lush against the skin.

These ready-made ensembles have developed a life of their own and are no longer reserved for your four walls. Alongside the supermarket and putting out the bins, loungewear is part of our daily rotation, where even those of us who’ve returned to the office have upgraded the oversized nature of hoodies with more form-fitting lower halves – our best Lady Di recreations.

While they may not be boardroom ready and may be better suited to casual Fridays, this new and ever-expanding clothing genre has given us the encouragement we need to move beyond the muted pieces that make up the rest of our wardrobe let us opt for lighter shades that have a mood-enhancing effect. This, dear reader, is dopamine dressing at its finest.

If the scruffy two-pieces that made up your lockdown uniform are looking pitifully worn or if the thought of putting them on gives you traumatic flashbacks of banana bread and puzzles, here’s the latest in loungewear for your comfortable clothing needs.

Shop the edit now and relax.

Panagaia Tracksuit

You will probably have spotted Panagaia on your Instagram feed as the pastel tracksuits are a favorite among the style sets. While the fabrics and relaxed silhouettes are cozy, there’s also an eco-conscious touch. The sustainable label makes its pieces from a mix of organic and recycled cotton and donates part of the sales when you buy it through Selfridges. Details come from the extensive colorways of light blue, pink, green, red and more neutral grey, navy and black, as well as text printing for a subtle logo finish.

Buy the bottoms here (£110).

Buy Now £140.00, Selfridges

Uniqlo Women’s Soft Fluffy Sleeveless Top

If you’re looking for the basics, Uniqlo should always be one of your first stops, and the label has taken loungewear to summery heights with this top and shorts set. In this soft shade of green (as well as grey, white and cream) it retains all the richness you’d hope for in loungewear with a fluffy construction, yet won’t let you overheat when the heatwave hits as it’s sleeveless natural and cropped shorts.

Buy the shorts here (£14.90).

Buy now £14.90, Uniqlo

SKIMS Soft lounge dress

We were first introduced to the world of Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS through the brand’s invisible bra that changed our lingerie forever. So it’s no wonder that the loungewear collection lives up to the high expectations placed on the oddly comfortable yet supportive non-wired bra. This is the lounge dress often worn by the reality star and entrepreneur herself, and it’s as soft as it appears while still offering after-hours appeal. It’s available in a long-sleeved silhouette as well as a slippery version that reflects the coveted retro ’90s aesthetic.

Buy now £86.00, SKIMS

Eberjey Gisele stretch modal pajamas

Eberjey offers some of the most sumptuous pajamas on the market with a jersey modal fabric so cozy you’ll snooze your alarm clock every morning. But enter this set, which technically can still be considered pajamas, but with a more discreet look so you can look put together during work, Zoom calls, or even at a restaurant with everyone batting their eyelids. It’s black or pastel pink in color and uses the same lightweight, soft material as the rest of the collection. The track pants have the subtle embellishment of a contrasting drawcord that adds both fashion and function – allowing you to customize the fit.

Buy Now £141.00, Net-A-Porter

Cos poplin shorts with a relaxed fit

Instead of stealing from your partner, get your own oversized shirt and cropped set in an attractive pale pink hue with a pinstripe pattern. It’s made from cotton with a lightweight feel and best of all, you can roll right out of bed and look straight to your 8 o’clock call looking pulled together and chic – as long as they only look from the waist up.

Buy Now £35.00, Cos

Adanola Joggers – Navy Blue

The Instagram favorite label has hit the nail on the head with its fitness as well as its loungewear and focuses on comfort and style in equal measure. The lounge set consists of jogging pants and a hoodie with cotton fleece construction and logo detail. Mix and match the set, go flat out or even the hoodie and cycling shorts, whether you’re headed to training or brunch.

Buy the sweatshirt here (£49.99).

Buy now £49.99, Adanola

Alo Yoga Muse Hoodie

With a cropped silhouette, this hoodie from Alo Yoga is made for those uncertain summer days when the weather can change at any moment. Lazy days at home or something to throw over your gym clothes calls for such style. It has a knitted, ribbed design and can be paired with the matching shorts or trackies.

Buy Now £105.00, Alo Yoga

Rails Alice and Jane pajamas in a colour-block cotton blend jersey

This set doubles as pajamas and park sunbathing – keep the hoodie handy for when the sun goes down or a chill hits (this is England, after all). It has mood-boosting pastel shades of yellow, blue and coral with a soft design that shouldn’t bother even color phobias. They are set in color block sections on each element of the piece. It’s made from a soft cotton-blend jersey fabric.

Buy Now £250.00 Net-A-Porter

Stripe & Stare Sweatshirt & Lightweight Jogger Set – Breeze Dye

The tie-dye revival shows no signs of faltering and Stripe & Stare has it across all their collections of lingerie, pajamas and loungewear – including this jogger set. Not only is the soft pastel variant attractive, but the fabric is on another level of coziness. The label’s signature material is a trademarked TENCEL Modal, which is derived from beech wood, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Buy Now £125.00, Stripe & Stare

Olivia by Halle Carmel Cashmere and silk-blend sweatshirt and sweatpants set

Olivia von Halle may be best known for their silk party pajamas with patterns so playful and fun they could take you from the bed to the bar, but the brand takes a different approach with this set. First and foremost, the design is very reserved and comes in navy, gray or white without any details. Next, the material exudes luxury: it’s cashmere, silk is also on offer. Because of this, you can rest assured that you’re treating yourself to the most luxurious, softest and most comfortable loungewear available – but be warned: it comes with a price to match.

Buy Now £1195.00, Net-A-Porter

Commando Butter jumpsuit in stretch modal jersey

For those times when fashion inspiration is at an all-time low, you want throw-on quality pieces in your wardrobe and this jumpsuit is just that. All you need to focus on is one item and you’re dressed, ready and ready to go. Commando also ensures it looks effortlessly chic, as well as a cozy stretch model construction so you’ll feel like you’re in pajamas all day.

Buy Now £190.00, Net-A-Porter

Cool comfort lounge set made from pure cotton

This lounge set from M&S will put a smile on your face every time you pull it out of the drawer. The mood-enhancing shade of yellow is sunshine personified – no matter what the season. It’s made of cotton, but this isn’t just cotton, this is M&S cotton that helps regulate your temperature throughout the night.

Buy now £28.00, M&S

Chelsea Peers oversized satin button stripe longline pajama set

Full Disclosure: This is really just a pajama set, but if in the past few years you’ve lost all qualms about leaving your house in your linens (we applaud and relate to you), then this is the set for you. It has a Hugh Hefner charm with its satin construction and contrasting stripe detailing and will keep you cool, calm and collected on even the balmy summer nights.

Buy Now £37.50 Chelsea Peers

Faithfull The Brand Paradise striped shirt in cotton voile

From the beach to the boardroom, this shirt, while not strictly loungewear, has an effortless lightness that elevates it to the same level. It comes complete with matching shorts and will give you that tropical island feel whether you’re at home or abroad. Throw on a swimsuit, wear it open with a white tank underneath, or wear it on its own for a look that works time and time again without the effort.

Buy Now £149.00, Net-A-Porter

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